December 1998
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The Way Things Used to Be

By Jessica Brandt

Now, I don't want to seem whiny, but sometimes, when I think of the way things used to be, I get sad. I want things back to the simpler ways. I want to go back to, say, 1985, when things were way different! Let's just compare some of those differences...

For one thing, in 1985, things were a lot smaller. As I recall, I had to stand on a stool to even reach the kitchen sink! Nowadays, I sort of have to bend down a little to wash the dishes. I don't know when my parents made the switch, but obviously, it was a big one. Another thing that got smaller is the family room sofa. In 1985, my brother and I could both comfortably sprawl out on the sofa together (at opposite ends, of course, you sickos). Now, I'll be damned if the two of us can even SIT there together without getting on each others nerves. It's not that one of us has gotten noticeably larger, because he's still just a few inches taller than me, just like in 1985.

Another thing noticeably different from 13 years ago is the new popular mode of transportation: cars. In 1985, everyone I knew either rode a bicycle or walked to where they wanted to go. That wasn't such a problem, because most of the people I knew lived in a relatively small area. And, we all got on the bus 5 days a week to get together at school anyway. Now everyone I know has a car, or at least wants a car. I'm expected to drive, as well. That's why they finally made cars more my size. In 1985, cars were made to be way too big for me to drive, but now since society feels I NEED a car, they have made them more accessible to me.

So now, along with cars, there is WORK and BILLS. It's a whole connundrum of having to work to pay the bills, but you need a car to go to work and you need to work to pay the car bills and it just keeps going. In 1985, everyone was still in school. Or, they were home waiting for me all day while I went to school.

That's another thing that's changed: school. In 1985, we all just sort of went to whatever school was closest. And for free! Now, I have been asked to leave my close school (for the third time) and I have to DRIVE to school. Not only that, but PAY. I ask my fellow students where they're from, and listen to this: they come from FAR AWAY and pay to go to school now! I'd ask them why they can't go to school in their own town, but I'm afraid to stir up those hateful emotions.

So there you have it. I'm sure many of you will agree that things were much easier in 1985. But the way this world is changing, I'm expecting more bills, more work, more cars, and smaller furniture is all we have to look foreward to.

And believe you me, this has nothing to with the fact that I was 6 in 1985. Everyone else was, too.

Weren't you?

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