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Letters from Across the Pond

by Ginger Nance

Letter #3, 29.11.99

Dear Shrubbery,

Three weeks from today, I will be on a plane back to the 
United States.  I'm not sure how I feel about that, because 
that means that I actually have to face up to that big 
event occuring in May called graduation.  That event that 
is also known as "You're not a kid anymore, welcome to the 
real world where you shall be overworked and underpaid and 
Mom and Dad can't rescue you anymore."  Yikes!  But I 

Since my last letter, I have gone to:  Paris, Bordeaux, 
Montpellier, Barcelona, Geneva, Lyon, and back to Paris.  I 
have also gone to Stonehenge and Bath.  I'm just a 
travelling fool!  Here is my very brief description of each 
place for you.

Paris--amazing!  I walk down the street, look up and...bam! 
There's the Eiffel Tower!  I felt like I was in a movie the 
entire time I was there.

Bordeaux--I got to meet Guillaume, aka The French Ben Folds 
Five Fan.  Gui was a fabulous boy, and we had lots of fun 
hanging out even though we couldn't find a movie with 
subtitles so that we could both understand it.  Oh well.  

Montpellier--I only saw the train station.  I had to sit 
there and wait for 2 hours for the pee.  I wasn't terribly 
impressed with Montpellier.

Barcelona--VERY cool.  The Picasso Museum there is 
absolutely amazing!!  And La Sagrada Familia is awesome, 
too.  One of the funniest things happened to me in 
Barcelona:  a young, married businessman type told me that 
I had nice breasts because he didn't think I understood 
Spanish!  Too too funny.

Geneva--is a very modern, cool city, but when you're 
walking around there you still feel as though you're 
trapped in the early 1800s or something.  Swiss people were 
way friendly though, so props to that!

Lyon--hmm.  Well, I got to Lyon really late, and I got 
lost, and the bitchy gay boy at the hostel pissed me 
off...but Jude put on a good show there!

I actually received a request from a Shrub reader about the 
popularity in the UK of Doctor Who.  Well, I haven't asked 
my British friends about it yet, but a quick web search 
turned up something like 50 websites devoted to the show.  
I will do a little more research and provide more 
information next month!

Well, that's about all for this month.  Everyone remember 
my birthday on December 4th and send lots of lovin' my way!


Editor's Note: If you have any questions about England or have something you'd like to ask Ginger to do for you while in England, email her at All requests will be considered.

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