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Want to advertise in The Shrub?

Good. We want your money.

The Shrub has some of the cheapest rates around, but due to our technical inexpertise the foloing are a few services we can't provide:

  • Rates determined by click-throughs to your webpage
  • Rates per number of impressions
  • On-line account management
  • Guaranteed increase in traffic
  • Detailed graphs charting your ad's statistics

    But what we will do is guarantee you that every single visitor to the Shrub for a whole week or month will see your ad. Heck, we'll even design the ad if you want.

    Your ad will be larger than the ones above and will run in a different lace on the site/page. You also have the option to sponsor pages, features, columns or sections.

    The Price?

    Good question. We will charge you a flat rate for an entire week or month-- Just $10 a week.

    Keep in mind, an ad this size in a weekly college newspaper will likely run you twice to three times that much, and with an ad on The Shrub customers can click right to your website.

    For more info, write

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