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Avengers '67: Box Onebuy it
I remember watching this as a small child, staying up late against my mom's wishes, and fell in love with this series...

The Truman Showbuy it
Relaxing a bit of the elasticity in his face, Jim Carrey turns in a terrific light dramatic performance in perhaps the most intentive film of the year...

Pibuy it
Sound a bit odd? Amazingly, the only unbelievable thing about the movie Pi is this is director Darren Aronofsky's first film...

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Staff Recommended Films

Gordon's Non-Porno Video Choices!

You know, whenever I get a hankerin' to sit on my dead ass, eat snack foods, and watch TV, well...I enjoy seeing a good video. These are all videos that I can highly recommend. (Yeah, I could do a "Top 10" - but why limit myself? These are for the video connoisseur in you, and cover a wide range of genres).

Animal Crackers

Duck Soup

A Night at the Opera

A Day at the Races

The Marx Brothers' finest movies, including two (Opera and Races) that were cool enough to inspire the titles of two of Queen's albums. If you don't laugh at these, you are a sad, sorry individual indeed.


Bill Murray's finest hour, sans Ghostbusters.

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