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Movie Review Music Review

True Confessions

Angry Dan
See: Strohl, Daniel

The Shrubbery does not accept Anonymous sumbissions. Anonymous articles are written by collaboration of the Shrub staff
Boo Tricycle 54
Checkered Humus
Love Poem
On My Radio
Shipping Living Will

Beaner, J.P.

Brandt, Jessica info
21 Reasons Why Best Friends are Better than Boyfriends/Girlfriends
American History X
Arlington Road
Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Barenaked Ladies Maroon
Barenaked Ladies Stunt
Beastie Boys Hello Nasty
The Beatles Anthology
Bellini Speaks! An interview with Paul Bellini
Belle & Sebastian Fold Your Hands Child You Walk Like A Peasant
The Big, Exciting Interview with Ben Folds
Billy Elliot
Boobs. Lesbians. (Andy) Dick.
The b-sides Two Beautiful Beaches and Instant Gratification
The Cell
Chicks with Dicks, the Gravitational Pull of Breasts, and Low-Income Housing in Africa
Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire Oh! The Grandeur!
A Bug's Life
Bus Stop Bus Stop
Cannucks Amuck
Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson VH1 Storytellers
Court-nay: The Musical
Debate: What is Funny?
Dudley Do-Right
Everybody's Free (To Have Cute Friends)
Exclusive Squirrel Nut Zippers Concert Pictorial
A Funny Person's Guide to Christmas Getting
Glass Egg
Gutbucket Where's the Man With the Jive?
Harvey Danger Where Have all the Merrymakers Gone?
HORDE Tour Review
How To Be A Millionaire
How to Charm the Pants Off Anyone
An Inside Look at the Steamy World of Tape Trading
An Interview With Chuck Folds of Bus Stop
Jazz Is
The Joys of Spamming
Jesus Loves Everyone*
The Longest Interview with a Squirrel Nut Zipper there Ever Was
The Love Issue
Marie's Giant Snow Penis
Jas. Mathus and His Knockdown Society Play Songs for Rosetta
Moosemilk Kicked my Ass
The Dave Matthews Band Before these Crowded Streets
Meeting People is Easy (A Radiohead Documentary)
Monty Python Speaks!
Mustard Plug Pray for Mojo
My Mom is Punk Rock
Nude Canadian College Robots, What are you looking for?
Kevin O'Donnell's Quality Six Heretic Blues
Olympic Fever- Catch it!
The Opposite of Sex
Papal Smear
Phat is No Longer Phine
Phone Tag
Scott: Love Him!
Snuzz Snuzz
Squirrel Nut Zippers Christmas Caravan
Squirrel Nut Zippers Perrenial Favorites
Sesame Street: Unpaved
Patch Adams
Road Trip
Shanghai Noon
The Shrubbery Goes to the Grammys!
The Shrub Takes on Washington...From Both Sides
The Shrub Ultimate Kids in the Hall Fan Crossword Puzzle
The Shrub Ultimate Ben Folds Five Fan Crossword Puzzle
Somebody's Having a Baby! (Not a Cat)
Sorry for the Delay, We Were in the Future
Speakin' as a Child of the Seventies
Tom Maxwell Discusses "Samsara" and Other Disappointing Aspects of Life
Top Ten Best Things About College
Top Ten Things Jessica is Thankful For
VCR Love
The Way Things Used to Be
What I Didn't Get for Christmas
What I Won't Be Buying the Shrub Staffers for Christmas
What, me vote?
Who you Are: The Back of your Car
Why is Drinking Still Cool?


Brandt, Robert
Dolly Trauma The Present is Dim
Fear of Pop Volume One
Gong: Building the peace bridge between the ravers and the bearded,bespeckled young men*
Journey To The Center of the Star Wars Hype- The Line
Radiohead Kid A
Suck All You Want, Spit All Over It, But Never Swallow

Bresson, Adam
Shucksters on the Road, Part 1 of 3
Shucksters on the Road, Part 2 of 3
Shucksters on the Road, Part 3 of 3
Soft Porn: Late Night Looney Toons
What's This World Coming To?

Brook, Jen
The Girl
Small Town

Cabanero, Larry
Bran Van 3000 Glee
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Lauryn Hill The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
Larry's 60-Second Reviews
Pulp This is Hardcore
Elliot Smith XO
The Truman Show

Cabrera, Carlos
Fallen Angel of Mine

Camosse, Craig

Carr, Barbara A.
Cannibal: The Musical

Chamberlain, Matthew
Black Winged Sadness
Ode to a Green Skirt and a Packet of Marlboros
A Sadistic Sun
Welcome to College (FAQ v.2 New Zealand Style)

Colbow, Bradley
Heaven Help Us, #1-7
Heaven Help Us, #8-14
Heaven Help Us, September '00
Heaven Help Us, October '00
Heaven Help Us, December '00

Coleman, Jennifer
An Interview with Matt Bivins of Jump, Little Children

Collitte, Jeanie
Apartment Life Ain't What it Seems!
Despite the Odds

Copperhead, Shae
Banana Vs. Apple

Crandall, Charles

A Tribute to Oldy Olsen of Late Night with Conan O'Brien

Dore, Philip
Diary of a War
How to Build Your Own Action Movie
A Lesson from History

Draugr, S.
Recipie for a God

Dunphy, Mark

Dymowski, Gordon info
Adventures in Maturity- Gordon Turns 30, June '98
Adventures in Maturity- Dumped, July '98
Adventures in Maturity- Whining, August '98
Adventures in Maturity- God is one Bad Ass Dude, September '98
Adventures in Maturity- Gordon Gives Thanks, November '98
Adventures in Maturity- December Venting, December '98
Adventures in Maturity- Change is Tough, January '99
Adventures in Maturity- Love, February '99
Adventures in Maturity- Forgiveness, March '99
Adventures in Maturity- I kissed the Robot! April Fool's Day
Adventures in Maturity- Just Say No, April '99
Adventures in Maturity- Gordon's Autobiography, May '99
Adventures in Maturity- Graduation, June '99
Adventures in Maturity- Pedophelia? July '99
Adventures in Maturity- The REAL Superhero, August '99
Adventures in Maturity- Work, September '99
Adventures in Maturity- R-Rated Movies, October '99
Adventures in Maturity- Ethics and Morality, November '99
Adventures in Maturity- The End of the Year, December '99
Adventures in Maturity- Coming of Age (Feb. 1000 AD), February '00
Adventures in Maturity- Apologies, March '00
Adventures in Maturity- Gossip, April '00
Adventures in Maturity- The 13th Warrior Cartoon Porn Show, June '00
Adventures in Maturity- Letters to Me, July '00
Adventures in Maturity- Self Esteem is Tricky, September '00
Adventures in Maturity- Suggest a Topic, Win a Prize! October '00
Adventures in Maturity- Gordon Gives Thanks, December '00
Adventures in Maturity- Gordon Contemplates the Year's End, January '01
Permanent Midnight by Jerry Stahl
Horizontal Hold June '00 (Just Kidding!)
Interview: Jesus Christ
Molly and Norman: A Fable, of Sorts
Monty Python: Historical Overview and Appreciation
Avengers '67: Box One
Batman: Subzero
The Filth and the Fury
For J*****
The Prisoner DVD Sets I and II
The Robot From the Future (April Fool's Day)
Wacky Fun with the Mature Guy's Mom


Egle, Mark
Scott Weiland 12 Bar Blues
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Walking Into Clarksdale
The Day I Smoked too much Crack
Gameshow Hosts Around the World, Prepare for the Revolution
Top Ten Reasons why Pro Bowling will Never be Respected

Fact Boy
Website Madness: Burning Cow Tipping
Website Madness: College 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
Website Madness: Dee Snider's Strangeland
Website Madness: Disturbing Thoughts
Website Madness: Do Not Go On
Website Madness: The Foreigner's Guide to America
Website Madness: Fun Links
Website Madness: Norman Dog and Bewitched
Website Madness: Official WWF Website
Website Madness: Santa is Satan
Website Madness: The Shrubbery [Counter-Earth]
Website Madness: Terrance & Philip World Wide Fart
Website Madness:

Felix, Justin
Charlie's Angels
Green Mile
I Still Know What you Did Last Summer
John Carpenter's Vamipres
The Matrix
The Phantom Menace
The Rage: Carrie 2
Sleepy Hollow
Star Trek: Insurrection
Toy Story 2
Varsity Blues
Watchers Reborn
The World is Not Enough

Don Wannabe
I'll Keep Your Clothes
Men Are High Maintenence

Folds, Stella
Industrial Strength

Fraundorf, Keith
Teethbrushers of America, Unite!

Gee, Stephanie E.

George, Kemi
Ol' Dirty Bastard Nigga Please

Glowczewski, Ryan
Bonic De(con)struction, April '99
Bionic De(con)struction, May '99
Bionic De(con)struction, August '99
Bit by Bit- Love and Hate The Sims
Holqopf's Wooden Head (April Fool's Day)
I Don't Shut Up, May '98
I Don't Shut Up, June '98
I Don't Shut Up July '98
I Don't Shut Up August '98
I Won't Shut Up, September '98
I Won't Shut Up, October '98
I Don't Shut Up, November '98
I Don't Shut Up, December '98
I Don't Shut Up, January '99
I Don't Shut Up, February '99
Mad Crazy MP3z- Download and Listen
My Roommate vs. Magna Overkill (A Photodrama)
Nude School Girls, Part I (a photodrama)


Canadian Content: We Hate the French Too!

Hansen, John
Canadian Content Part 1: Degrassi Jr. High
Canadian Content Part 2: Tidbits of History
Canadian Content Part 3: Gameshows
Canadian Content Part 4: Religion
Canadian Content Part 5: They Always Got Their Man
Canadian Content Part 6: What they Eat
Canadian Content Part 7: Le Tele
Canadian Content Part 8: Politicks
Canadian Content Part 8: More Politicks
Canadian Content Part 9: Hockey
Canadian Content Part 10: Trudeaumania
Canadian Content Part 11: Cuisine
Canadian Content Part 12: Vive le Quebec Libre!
Canadian Content Part 13: "Carefree Highway, Let me Slip Away on You..."
Canadian Content Part 14: Top Ten Greatest Moments in Canadian Television
The Ministry of Culture (April Fool's Day)

Hromatka, Erik
I am a Sick Perverted Bastard
The Perfect Little Boy
the Other Side of the Road
The State of the Human Race
Summer In Alaska- Somtimes You Have to Punt


Jacobson, Megan
I Can't

Jinhong, Xiao

Kirkbride, DJ
Getting In Shape is Easy!

Kirkbride, Patrick
Vortex Into Insanity 1
Vortex Into Insanity 2

Knopf, Courtney
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Beck Midnite Vultures
Belle & Sebastian This Is Just a Modern Rock Song
Ben Lee Breating Tornadoes
Beulah When Your Heartstrings Break
Bill Elliot Swing Orchestra Swingin' The Century
Bis Social Dancing
Blur 13
Chappaquiddick Skyline S/T
Cibo Matto Stereo*Type A
Courtney Knopf- Will Work for CDs
Dressy Bessy Pink Hearts Yellow Moons
I'm a Gameshow Loser
Indigo Swing Red Light!
Jet Set Six Livin' it Up
Kahimi Karie K.K.K.K.K.
Luscious Jackson Electric Honey
April March Chrominance Decoder
The Opening of Episode One Where it Really Matters- Hollywood
Beth Orton Central Reservation
Os Mutantes Everything is Possible!
The Rentals Seven More Minutes
The Shrubbery Does Europe
Various Artists Pop Romantique
Katherine Whalen Katherine Whalen's Jazz Squad

Koch, Mark
Body Parts for Life

Kristovic, Ed
The Emergence of the Dreaded Trustafatian

McCafferty, Caitlin
The Big Book About Todd
It's Mine

McCafferty, Todd info
Antediluvian Rocking Horse Music for the Odd Occassion
A Cartoon by Todd McCafferty
Another Cartoon by Todd McCafferty
Bionic De(con)struction (April Fool's Day)
The Onion's Our Dumb Century
Cartoon: Beep Beep!
Cartoon: Crisis in Kosovo
Cartoon: Fun with Mr. Rebus!
Cartoon: Jenny
Cartoon: New Mini-Comics
Cartoon: Three Types of English Majors
Confessions of the Hamburgler
Debate: What is Funny?
Fronds of Foilage Green
Holzqopf's Wooden Head, The Server Went Down! February '99
Holzqopf's Wooden Head, Postmodernist Deconstruction Quiz, March '99
Holzqopf's Wooden Head, Raving Lunatics, April '99
Holzqopf's Wooden Head, This Took me Five Minutes to Do, April Fool's Day
Holzqopf's Wooden Head, Season Finale, June '99
Holzqopf's Wooden Head, The New Match Game! July '99
Holzqopf's Wooden Head, TITLE: MAKE YOUR OWN CONEPTUAL ART PIECE!, August '99
Holzqopf's Wooden Head, A History of Hip-Hop, October '99 [Counter-Earth]
Holzqopf's Wooden Head, A Confession: How I Mentally Tortured my Sister for Most of her Pre-adolescencse, November '99
Holzqopf's Wooden Head, Charlie's Diary, February '00
Holzqopf's Wooden Head, Will the Future Please Stand Up!, March '00
Holzqopf's Wooden Head, Scattershot of my Psyche, July '00 Interview: Antediluvian Rocking Horse
Klank Klank You're Dead, Letters BY a Nut, April '98
Klank Klank You're Dead, Ponderthunks, May '98
Klank Klank You're Dead, Old People, June '98
Klank Klank You're Dead, The Year 2000, July '98
Klank Klank You're Dead, Movie Theater Concession Customers, August '98
Klank Klank You're Dead, We are looking for connections that seep through the structure around us in order to feel complete, September '98
Klank Klank You're Dead, The Story, October '98
Klank Klank You're Dead, I am Todd, This is my Column, November '98
Klank Klank You're Dead, The Anarchy of Language... December '98
Klank Klank You're Dead, My NEW Column, January '99
Males Can Have Feelings Too
Slibbal Slops
Sounds From the House, 3 Short Album Reviews
Swallowed Whole: Your Kids, the Drug Scene, and Watersports
Todd's Wacky Fun Cartoon!
Todd's new Morality Cartoon!
Various Artists V Classics Vol. 1
What I Want to Be When I Grow Up
Why I Miss my Mom


McDougall, Nicole
The Single Girl

King of the Road

Miller, Katharine
Our Love Was a Drag

Montgomery, Laura
A Tribute to Phil Hartman

Moore, Kaitlyn
High School Orientation

Morris, Aaron
Exclusive Squirrel Nut Zippers Concert Pictorial
Thinking. Realizing. Searching.

Morrison, Jason info
28 Days
1998- The Year in Review
American Beauty
American Psycho
Analyze This
Angela's Ashes
An Apology From The Shrubbery
The Art of Conversation
Blair Witch: Ride the Adventure
The Blair Witch Project
Bringing Out the Dead
Canadian Content Part 9: Our National Anthem (April Fool's Day)
A Cartoon: John Glenn's Historic Shuttle Flight
Cider House Rules
Chicken Run
The Clinton Testimony Video
A college student's guide to the presidential election
Dancing Squirrels!
The Day Jesus Visited my Dorm
Double Jeopardy
Don't Even Ask Me, I Don't Work Here
The End of the Affair
Galaxy Quest
How to Scat!
I can't Wait for the Melinnium
An Interview with Liam Lynch of Sifl & Olly
The Interview
Jason's Almost-Interview with They Might be Giants
Letters from Beyond the Grave!
Make Your Own Star Wars Movie!
The Matrix
Mission to Mars
Mom Soup
Monthly World News
New Lincoln-Kennedy Similarities Uncovered!
Obituary- John Glenn
An Open Letter to George Lucas
The Perfect Storm
Porn That will make you Squirm!
This is Not an Oscar Recap: Pleasantville
The Prince of Egypt
The Quest for Zen
Rushmore (March '99)
Reindeer Games
Resolved: Should Clinton be Impeached?
The Road to El Dorado
Saving Private Ryan
Shakespeare in Love
Shrubbery Games: The Game
Shrubbery Games: The Rave Name Game
Shrubbery Games: The Star Wars Mall Game
The Shrubbery vs. The 30-Hour Movie Marathon
Shrub Political Cartoon: Clinton's Testimony
Shrub Political Cartoon: Mideast Peace
The Shrub Primer: Oxymorons and Paradoxes
A Shrub Special Report: The Spirit of Christmas
The Sixth Sense
The Spider Man Movie Petition- Make Jason Spidey Now, Before it's Too Late!
Suburban Life Ain't What It Seems
Summer Jobs, Internships, Life-Long Experience!
Talking to the Animals
The Tao of the Supermarket
They Might Be Giants Severe Tire Damage
Things I've Said Today
Time Travel: Fact or Fiction? or, How I Misplaced my Flux Capacitor
Time Travel: Fact or Fiction? King Solomon's Wisdom
Time Travel: Fact or Fiction? I will Never Phone Myself Again
The Shrubbery Tours Argentina: A pictorial Travelogue
Top 10 Sexual Innuendos in Star Wars
Two Crazy Kids in Columbus, OH
Two Pages of Jason's Philosophy 101 Notes
Video Game Review: Alpha Centauri
Video Game Review: sim City 3000
Welcome to College (FAQ)
Welcome to The Shrubbery
What Dreams May Come
What Lies Beneath
What We Got for Christmas
Why are You Looking at my Crotch?
Why I Now Like Rap and R&B
Why I Probably Shouldn't Be Given Superman's Powers
Wild Wild West
Yet Another Cartoon...
Your Friends and Neighbors


Morrison, Mrs. (Jason's Mom)
Correction/Retraction: John Glenn by Jason's Mom

Mutant Man
The Day Jesus Knocked on my Door
Down the Road
The Fishing Trip
It's Past That Hour

Nance, Ginger
Ben Folds Five The Anauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner
Coming Up for Air
I Should Have Thought Harder About the Army
Letters From Across the Pond #1
Letters From Across the Pond #2
Letters From Across the Pond #3

Newman, Ann
Vortex Into Insanity 1
Vortex Into Insanity 2

Ng, Yee
Lead Poison, Part 1
Lead Poison, Part 2

Nolte, Tracy
A Lenten Tragedy
The Beginning of a Story I Mean to Finish Someday by Tracy Nolte
I Hate Network Television
Ode to a Veal Parmesan
A Warning to Parents

O'Briant, John
Girls, Beer and Unconciousness
Morbid Black Deathness

Parker, Ed info
The Beaver Brothers and other Fables
Ass Ponys Some Stupid With a Gun
Bloodhound Gang Hooray for Boobies
Ed's Spectacular Music Year In Review Extravaganza!
Eve 6 Horrorscope
Reverand Horton Heat Spend a Night in the Box
Smoking Popes Live
Soul Coughing El Oso
Sunny Day Real Estate The Rising Tide
That Thing
Ween White Pepper

Patton, Eric

Pawich, Joey
Christmas Apathy

Pearson, Jeremy
The Fear of The Phantom Menace is a Fear of our Own Morality

Porter, Kelly
Save Chia

Pugh, Thom
AC/DC Stiff Upper Lip
Bumpin' & Grindin' in Realtime- Video Games get Naked?
Supreme Beings of Leisure Self Titled

Putnam, Rob
Interview: Prince Charles

Pye, Andrew

Pye, Laura
Lost Love

Buddy Babylon: The Autobiography of Buddy Cole by P. Bellini and S. Thompson

Robot from the Future, The info
The Robot From the Future, April '98
The Robot From the Future, May '98
The Robot From the Future, June '98
The Robot From the Future, August '98
The Robot From the Future, September '98
The Robot From the Future, November '98
The Robot From the Future, December '98
The Robot From the Future, January '99
The Robot From the Future, February '99
The Robot From the Future, March '99
The Robot From the Future, April '99
The Robot From the Future, May '99
The Robot From the Future, June '99
The Robot From the Future, July '99
The Robot From the Future, August '99
The Robot From the Future, September '99
The Robot From the Future, November '99
The Robot From the Future, December '99
The Robot From the Future, February '00
The Robot From the Future, March '00

Smith, Andrew info
Andy Bluff the Film Buff...Tells it Like it Is, February '00
Andy Bluff the Film Buff...Squares up to The 2000 Academy Awards, March '00
Andy Bluff the Film Buff...Has Had it Up to Here, April '00
Andy Bluff the Film Buff...Meets Steven Spielberg, June '00
Andy Bluff the Film Buff...Gets Ironic, July '00
Andy Bluff the Film Buff...Meets Robert De Niro
Andy Bluff the FIlm Buff...The Story of Cinema, Part I
Andy Bluff the Film Buff...The Story of Cinema, Part II
Andy Bluff the Film Buff...The British Bulldog
Uncle Smudgie's Journey Through Life Pt. I: Food


Smith, Felicity
To See the Stars
The Unfortunate Truth

Sommerville, Stephen info
Angry Dan's Column (April Fool's Day)
The Ministry of Culture: #1 Language
The Ministry of Culture: #2 The Monarchy
The Ministry of Culture: #3 Justice
The Ministry of Culture: #4 Guns
The Ministry of Culture: #5 Religion
The Ministry of Culture: #6 Television
The Ministry of Culture: #7 Sex
The Ministry of Culture: #9 ?????
The Ministry of Culture: #10 Dinosaurs
The Ministry of Culture: #11 Religion
The Ministry of Culture: #12 The Future
The Ministry of Culture: #13 Star Wars
The Ministry of Culture: #14 The Sixties
The Ministry of Culture: #15 Advertising
The Ministry of Culture: #16 Pets
The Ministry of Culture: #17 Smoking
The Ministry of Culture: #18 The English v. The French
The Ministry of Culture: #19 Christmas
The Ministry of Culture: #20 January 1900 A.D.
The Ministry of Culture: #21 Sweden
The Ministry of Culture: #21.5 Fame
The Ministry of Culture: #22 Chisellers
The Ministry of Culture: #23 Homes
The Ministry of Culture: #24 Sophistication The Ministry of Culture: #25 Work (Final Column)
Uncle Summy's Undisputble Truth, The Moon is Made of Lego


Strohl, Daniel info
Adventures In Maturity (April Fool's Day)
Angry Dan, Women's Week -- Bullshit, April '98
Angry Dan, Stop Worshipping Rock Gods!, May '98
Angry Dan, Dan's Kids, July '98
Angry Dan, The Movement, August '98
Angry Dan, Loose Ends, September '98
Angry Dan, Racial Profiling, October '98
Angry Dan, Hate Crime Laws, November '98
Angry Dan, All the Chutzpah You Can Shake a Stick At, December '98
Angry Dan, Racial Profiling- Part 2 and The Big Guns of NATO, January '99
Angry Dan, Alone With You, February '99
Angry Dan, Heterosexual, Omnivorous Anglo-American Male, March '99
Angry Dan, Moralists, April '99
Angry Dan, I'm So Very Angry, April Fool's Day
Angry Dan, Sorry, but flag burning is speech, too, May '99
Angry Dan, What have you done to prevent a school shooting today? June '99
Angry Dan, Flag Burning Revisited, July '99
Angry Dan, Senators and morons and punks, oh my! August '99
Angry Dan, Hollywood as the New Mt. Olympus, September '99
Angry Dan, Hazing is Our Friend, October '99 [Counter-Earth]
Angry Dan, Idiot Senate votes down nuclear test ban, November '99
Angry Dan, Rednecks Beware, December '99
Angry Dan, Free Speech, March '00
Angry Dan, In Defense of Flags, Marraige, and Fascism, April '00
Angry Dan, Dan's Dumbass Mailbag, April '00
Angry Dan, No One's Home, June '00
Angry Dan, Dan Denounces Patriotism, July '00
Angry Dan, Dan's Final Column, October '00
Angry Dan, Thanks for the Mamories, December '00
Fiction- Harsh Garden
Resolved: Should Clinton be Impeached?
The Shrub Takes on Washington...From Both Sides
Sitting at the Bus Station

Uncle Smudgie
See: Smith, Andrew

Uncle Summy
See: Sommerville, Steven

Taylor, Jarrad Thomas
Three Graceful Steps

Thomas, Alden

Volny, Frank
A Breif Comparison and Contrast Between Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein
A Very, Very, Very Breif Comparison Between Peter David's Two Most Popular Works
They Call me "The Dyslexic"

Waddle, P. Kellach info
Horizontal Hold Channel 1: Why Oprah Doesn't Have a Movie Club
Horizontal Hold Channel 2: Hey Kids, TV was ALWAYS Worrisome!
Horizontal Hold Channel 3: She Helped Me Make it After All
Horizontal Hold Channel 4: Do you want to be a...
Horzontal Hold Channel 5: The Beginning
Horizontal Hold Channel 6: Does Scaring People Sell?
Horizontal Hold Channel 7: How real is reality TV?
Horizontal Hold Channel 8: The Most Mysterious Show EVER
Horizontal Hold Channel 9: Come On Down and get your Price Is Right Horoscope!
Horizontal Hold Channel 10: Scooby Under Scrutiny
Incorrectly Political #0, July '99
Incorrectly Political #-1, August '99


Weerarante, Navin
Encyclopedia Galactica, Part 1 of 2
Encyclopedia Galactica, Part 2 of 2
Neandrethal Rights Association Newsletter #1
Neandrethal Rights Association Newsletter #2
Neandrethal Rights Association Newsletter #3
Neandrethal Rights Association Newsletter #4
The Quest for Zen
Waiting for Tipler

Wise, John
Waiting for Someone Else to Save the World

Wernau, Julie
Dead Love
Poor Asshole
Seeing Crimson
Santa is Evil
The Unwritten Rules Everyone Needs to Know to Survive Waterford High School

Whitson, Jesselee
Lady Bic

Wilson, Luke
Super Furry Animals Radiator
Good Music Vs. Bad Music

Zeise, Kevin
Wanted: Female Translator

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