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Tetris was the perfect game for the Game Boy, and it turns out it's the perfect game for the side of a building, too. Those nutty Brown University kids have done it again. And all it took was "eleven custom-built circuit boards, a twelve-story data network, a personal computer running Linux, a radio-frequency video game controller, and over 10,000 Christmas lights." You knew it would be Linux.

La Bastille: A Tech House Art Installation

I know we're all sick of those lists of things to do. You know, fifty ways to make your roommate hate you, one hundred ways to alienate everyone, etc. But this site has a bunch of good work-type pranks and other hijinks, and people can add their own. Some of them are unfunny, but some are really cruel.


I was just looking at Todd's old columns and they're hilarious. You people (meaning our readers) never read the columns as much as the monthly features. What's wrong with you? Guys like Todd are what make this website worth having. No go back and read what you've missed

Holzqopf's Wooden Head Archive

Sorry I'm on a Transhumanist kick, but Navin keeps sending me these great sites. This one is a Transhuman radio show from Connecticut. And quite a respectable one, at that. Space lobbying links, Ralph Nader for President, and the guy running it seems respectable enough.

Changesrufer Radio

I know we're all sick of those lists of things to do. You know, fifty ways to make your roommate hate you, one hundred ways to alienate everyone, etc. But this site has a bunch of good work-type pranks and other hijinks, and people can add their own. Some of them are unfunny, but some are really cruel.


In a lot of ways, these guys are alright. Intentionality, freedom, community, lovely. But then I walked The Path. Forming my own godhead? This is why no one takes these kinds of religions/philosophies seriously-once you get to the flowery metaphors and language, they might as well be selling you crystals and aromatherapy.

The Church of Mez

An Israeli society for communication, personal development, and immortality. Yes, that's right. They're definitely anti-dying and pro-living-forever. They're also very bad at updating their site and parts of it seem to be falling off Geocities, so catch this while you can!

Hachaim Shelanu

You've got 200 million dollars, a bunch of midgets, and three books written by an English professor. What do you do? Hopefully not suck. As will the movies, coming next year, hopefully not suck.

The Lord of the Rings Movies

Okay, I'm sorry. It's my fault the Shrub updates are lagging. Well, not just mine. This is just a hectic time. I did put up one new thing, though, and look for new columns and reviews soon as well. And an MP3!

Ah, Mahir. How does he love you? Let us count the ways… "I like sport , swiming , basketball ,tenis , volayball , walk ......... I like sex … I like travel I go 3-4 country every year … I like to take foto-camera (amimals , towns , nice nude models andpeoples)..... My tall 1.84 cm (6.2 feet) My weight 78 kg. My eyes green .. I live alone !!!!!!!!!

Welcome to my home page! Kiss You !!!!!!!!!

Tired of just leaving a written will, or a video goodbye, every time you die? Treat your loved ones to an interactive, Java-enhanced experience with a Lookinside Envelope. It's like having a webcam in the afterlife.

Lookinside Envelopes

Oh my god. Zippy, the incredibly postmodernly hip comic strip, has been on the Internet and I've missed him until now? Thank you Jason for bookmarking this page.


It's so hard to find good topographic maps sometimes. Now, they're all online-the whole freaking country-to download for free. Except this site is always slow at night, so watch out for those late-night map-browsing binges. And if you think a map binge is bad, imagine a purge.


What kind of website would this be if we didn't get around to linking to News of the Weird eventually? I think I knew someone who knew the guy in one of these once, but I can't remember which one or what it was about.

News of the Weird

I love how the Interent is responsible for bringing so much cool kitsch back from previous decades. Take, for example, the shrunken head. What once was a novelty item relegated to the 50s is revived as a cool car decoration.

Shrunken Heads

Write up a few pages in Microsoft Word and send it on over to France where it will be SENT INTO SPACE FOR 50,000 YEARS! This is the greatest French thing I've ever seen! A satellite! A time capsule! A satellite-time capsule!


This kinda goes along the lines of the Blair Witch Project. Urban exploration is just about as creepy and just about as dangerous. You'd be surprised how much of it you can do in central Ohio.

Under OSU

You can read about the Sears Tower, read about Petronas in the news and see a documentary on the Empire State on the History Channel. But where does one look for the world's tallest buildings that were never built?

World's Tallest Buildings Never Built

One of the greatest animated movies of all time, though it flopped in Japan. Cataloging the space program on a planet very similar to our own, the film creates an incredibly fully-conceived technological system and religion.

The Wings of Honneamise

Finally, a political party addressing the real issues-why isn't Canada a state yet? Or Puerto Rico? Or Russia for that matter? They're just sitting there, right smack on the globe, ready to be annexed. Extend citizenship to Canadians!

Expansionist Party of the United States

Penn and Teller, Penn and Teller. One is a genius, the other's insane. One is quiet, the other one's huge. One is in the lower left of the photo, the other one isn't.

Penn and Teller

No more mister "Unsafe at any Speed!" Ralph "the body" Nader has tossed his safer, more ecologically sound hat in the ring at last. I really think I'll vote for him. I like parks, and between the Republicans axing them and the Democrats wandering around in circles, the Greens are our only hope.

Ralph Nader for President!

About two-thirds in to the movie Jackie finds himself running from about ten stick-wielding maniacs bent of cracking his head open. What does he do? He fights them off with a ladder! This sequence is one of the greatest things ever committed to film.

Jackie Chan's First Strike

It's not the second coming, or the Iraqi's, or even nuclear war that scares me. It's the fact that this page is updated approximately once a year. Shouldn't you keep on the ball on this one? Like, at least a weekly note to say, "still no Christ, check back next Friday."

Second Coming of Christ Home Page

I've always found American regard of eastern mysticism to be generally of two camps: healthy respect and integration of eastern tenets or misplaced mindless geek adoration of samurai and ninja. This film from Troma (Tromeo and Juliet, the Toxic Avenger) seems to fall in the second camp.

The Dragon Gate

I got a copy of this at a used bookstore and it's actually quite interesting. The theology wasn't as big a revelation as the fact that old Peanuts cartoons were so good. Peanuts, since I've been around, has always been kind of weak. But the old strips were filled with angst, uncertainty, and some real philosophical depth.

The Gospel According to 'Peanuts'

What should be done about the giant, ravenous beast, the almighty Microsoft? Even breaking it up will not stop Bill Gates' giant robot feet from crushing thousands of innocent little companies.

Appraising Microsoft

This is a freaking awesome creation myth. I'm guessing it was told at the time as a parable, but if this is a pre-Columbian story I'll have to convert.

Cherokee Prophecies

If there's one thing I hate, it's Bill Clinton. If there's another, it's the Freemasons. If I could have three or four more things on my hate list, they would include the Illuminati, the New World Order, the liberal media, the antichrist, and, well any other conspiracy I could pretend is real. Then I would mix them all up in a big pot filled with Promise Keepers and this is what I'd get.

Weekly Christian Updates On The New World Order

Five of the 10 fastest-growing professions involve computers. In your face, bi-otch!

Employment Projections Home Page

I don't even know if this is any good, I just liked the idea of capsule-reviewing a site dedicated to capsule reviews. Now I feel all postmodern.


I have a hard time believing a group monitoring traffic on the internet when their site is made of 165K pages that take 2 minutes to load. I also find it hard to believe there is no porn in the top 50 sites. If we put the word porn in the name of a feature the hits quadruple.

Media Metrix

My mulletude is greater than any. Nevermind that I now have short hair and haven't had a mullet since middle school. I feel the need to listen to Ratt and drive a Trans Am. Hell yeah!

Mullets Galore

Ever wonder what profession you're really suited for? Ever wonder what profession you're really suited for if you were born in the middle ages? You look like a serf to me. I scored benevolent ruler, so give me that sandwich!


Have you ever taken a purity test? Have you ever taken a purity test while someone watched? Have you ever taken a purity test naked? Now you can. Not only does this site have the (brief) history of purity tests, but it also has extensive purity test links.

Purity Test Page

I get Lady of Grace-Rose, but why on earth should Jesus, dying on the cross, smell like citrus? Maybe he ate a great big grapefruit for breakfast that morning. Or maybe his last request was for a bunch of orange Tic Tacs. The world may never know.

Spiritual Scents Air Fresheners

It's people like this that make me think twice about claiming allegiance to the ranks of hotrodders. Then again, it's also carnage like this that gets my blood flowing.

Flywheel Explosion

In 1996 a TV show called Project: Alf was aired. The first 15 minutes involved Alf being tortured by scientists and was hilarious. The rest was terrible, I mean way worse than the even the TV show. But for those brief 15 minutes, I respected Alf.

Stephan's ALF-Page!

I don't know about you, but I find minivans harmless. Some people don't. Those are the same people who perceive Jell-O as a threat. Then again, the people defending minivans don't have much nice to say in response.

People Against Minivans

A bow plucks the violin's strings playfully as the viola resonates in kind. Then a bunch of helicopters drop from the sky, make hairpin turns, and attack a village! Composer Karlheinz Stockhausen has taken both elements and put them together to make the most beautiful music I've ever heard.

Karlheinz Stockhausen - Helikopter-Quartett / Arditti String Quartet

I just like the name. It rhymes. Maybe not exactly, I guess, but it's fun to say. Oh, and when I read something here about them not being a monolith, I imagined a three-headed 2001 monolith walking around talking about The Matrix.

3 Black Chicks Review Flicks

You, the unwitting female you are, must pee. However, fate has conspired to force you to do the Number One in a gas station stall just off the interstate that has seen better days. Sitting isn't an option, you hate to squat and standing isn't an option either. Or is it? Maybe all you need is some instruction…

Pee Standing

On the internet, you can buy books. You can also buy CDs, movies, and computer parts, as well as beanie-babies, underwear, and even a wife. But never did I expect to be able to buy a WHOLE ISLAND. Dear god. If I ever have this kind of money, I'll buy a nice island, build a bunker and demand U.N. representation.

Vladi Private Islands

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