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Almost Interview with They Might Be Giants
Antediluvian Rocking Horse
Bellini Speaks! An interview with Paul Bellini
The Big, Exciting Interview with Ben Folds
Matt Bivins of Jump, Little Children
Chuck Folds of Bus Stop
Jesus Christ
Liam Lynch of Sifl & Olly
The Longest Interview with a Squirrel Nut Zipper there Ever Was
Ordinary Person Interview: Boobs. Lesbians. (Andy) Dick.
Ordinary Person Interview: Cannucks Amuck
Ordinary Person Interview: Chicks with Dicks, the Gravitational Pull of Breasts, and Low-Income Housing in Africa
Ordinary Person Interview: Marie' Giant Snow Penis
Ordinary Person Interview: Scott: Love Him!
Ordinary Person Interview: Somebody's Having a Baby! (Not a Cat)
Prince Charles
Tom Maxwell Discusses "Samsara" and Other Disappointing Aspects of Life

The Counter-Earth Issue
The Jesus Issue
The Love Issue
The Quest for Zen
The Star Wars Issue

The Big Book About Todd
The Day Jesus Visited my Dorm
Monthly World News
My Roommate vs. Magna Overkill (A Photodrama)
Nude School Girls, Part I (a photodrama)
Porn That will make you Squirm!
The Shrubbery Goes to the Grammys!
The Shrubbery Does Europe!
The Shrub Takes on Washington...From Both Sides
The Shrubbery Tours Argentina: A pictorial Travelogue
The Shrubbery vs. The 30-Hour Movie Marathon
Exclusive Squirrel Nut Zippers Concert Pictorial
Talking to the Animals
Two Crazy Kids in Columbus, OH
Two Pages of Jason's Philosophy Notes
Watch the NEW Shrub Webcam!
What We Got for Christmas


Apartment Life Ain't What it Seems!
The Art of Conversation
Blair Witch: Ride the Adventure
Body Parts for Life
A Breif Comparison and Contrast Between Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein
Christmas Apathy
A college student's guide to the presidential election
Correction/Retraction: John Glenn by Jason's Mom
Court-nay: The Musical
Courtney Knopf- Will Work for CDs
Debate: What is Funny?
Diary of a War
Don't Even Ask Me- I Don't Work Here!
The Emergence of the Dreaded Trustafarian
Everybody's Free (To Have Cute Friends)
Exploding the Myths
The Fear of The Phantom Menace is a Fear of our Own Morality
A Funny Person's Guide to Christmas Getting
Gameshow Hosts Around the World, Prepare for the Revolution
Getting In Shape is Easy!
Girls, Beer and Unconciousness
Gong: Building the peace bridge between the ravers and the bearded,bespeckled young men*
Good Music Vs. Bad Music
High School Orientation
HORDE Tour Review
How to Build Your Own Action Movie
How To Be A Millionaire
How to Charm the Pants Off Anyone
How to Scat!
I can't Wait for the Melinnium
I Hate Network Television
I Love the Post Office!
I'm a Gameshow Loser
I am a Sick Perverted Bastard
I'll Keep Your Clothes
An Inside Look at the Steamy World of Tape Trading
Jesus Loves Everyone*
Journey To The Center of the Star Wars Hype- The Line
The Joys of Spamming
A Lenten Tragedy
A Lesson from History
Letters From Across the Pond #1
Letters From Across the Pond #2
Letters From Across the Pond #3
Make Jason the New Spiderman Before It's Too Late!
Molly and Norman: A Fable, of Sorts
Mom Soup
Monthly World News
Monty Python: Historical Overview and Appreciation
Moosemilk Kicked my Ass
My Mom is Punk Rock
The NAACP-Approved New Fall Lineup
Nude Canadian College Robots, What Are You Looking For?
Olympic Fever- Catch It!
The Opening of Episode One Where it Really Matters- Hollywood
An Open Letter to George Lucas
Papal Smear
The Perfect Little Boy
Phat is no Longer Phine
Phone Tag
Porn That will make you Squirm!
Resolved: Should Clinton be Impeached?
Santa is Evil
Speakin' as a CHild of the Seventies
Shrub Primer: Oxymorons and Paradoxes
A Shrub Special Report: The Spirit of Christmas
The Shrubbery vs. WTO
Small Town
Soft Porn: Late Night Looney Toons
Son Goku
Sorry for the Delay, We Were in the Future
The State of the Human Race
Suck All You Want, Spit All Over It, But Never Swallow
Summer In Alaska- Somtimes You Have to Punt
Summer Jobs, Internships, Life-Long Experience!
Swallowed Whole: Your Kids, The Drug Scene, and Watersports
The Tao of the Supermarket
Teethbrushers of America, Unite!
Things I've Said Today
Time Travel: Fact or Fiction? or, How I Misplaced my Flux Capacitor
Time Travel, Fact or Fiction: I will never phone myself again
Time Travel: Fact or Fiction? King Solomon's Wisdom
True Confessions
Uncle Smudgie's Journey Through Life Pt. : Food
The Unwritten Rules Everyone Needs to Know to Survive Waterford High School
A Very Disturbed Young Man
A Very, Very, Very Breif Comparison Between Peter David's Two Most Popular Works
Wanted: Female Translator
The Way Things Used to Be
Welcome to College (FAQ)
Welcome to the Shrubbery!
Wellcome To College (FAQ v.2 New Zealand Style)
What I Didn't Get for Christmas
What I Won't Be Buying the Shrub Staffers for Christmas
What, me vote?
What's This World Coming To?
Who You Are: The Back of your Car
Why I Miss my Mom
Why I Now Like Rap and R&B
Why I Probably Shouldn't Be Given Superman's Powers
Why is Drinking Still Cool?


Ed's Spectacular Music Year In Review Extravaganza!
New Lincoln-Kennedy Similarities Uncovered!
21 Reasons Why Best Friends are Better than Boyfriends/Girlfriends
Top Ten Best Things about College [Counter-Earth]
Top Ten Reasons why Pro Bowling will Never be Respected
Top 10 Sexual Innuendos in Star Wars
Top Ten Things Jessica is Thankful For
What I Want to Be When I Grow Up

Obituary- John Glenn
A Tribute to Phil Hartman
A Tribute to Shari Lewis
A Tribute to Oldy Olsen of "Late Night with Conan O'Brien"

A Cartoon by Todd McCafferty
Another Cartoon by Todd McCafferty
Yet Another Cartoon...
Cartoon: Beep Beep!
Cartoon: Crisis in Kosovo
Cartoon: Fun with Mr. Rebus!
Cartoon: Jenny
A Cartoon: John Glenn's Historic Shuttle Flight
Cartoon: New Mini-Comics
Shrub Political Cartoon: Clinton's Testimony
Shrub Political Cartoon: Mideast Peace
Cartoon: Three Types of English Majors
Dancing Roadkill!
Heaven Help Us, #1-7
Heaven Help Us, #8-14
Heaven Help Us, September '00
Heaven Help Us, October '00
Heaven Help Us, December '00
Lead Poison, Part 1 (A Graphic Novel)
Lead Poison, Part 2 (A Graphic Novel)
Todd's Wacky Fun Cartoon!
Todd's new Morality Cartoon!
A Warning to Parents

Things to Do
Letters from Beyond the Grave!
Mad Crazy MP3z- Download and Listen!
Make Jason the New Spiderman Before It's Too Late!
Make Your Own Star Wars Movie!
Shrubbery Games: The Game
Shrubbery Games: The Rave Name Game
Shrubbery Games: The Star Wars Mall Game
The Shrub Ultimate Kids in the Hall Fan Crossword Puzzle
The Shrub Ultimate Ben Folds Five Fan Crossword Puzzle
Why are You Looking at my Crotch?


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