Q: Why both Amazon and CDnow?
A: We use CDnow's ePod news to bring our readers some extra music content. We know a lot of music fans come to our site and we want to keep them updated on new releases and news. However, since we are a monthly magazine, news and releases go by without our being able to tell you about them. Also, we are not a news magazine and we do not get free CDs to review.
We have chosen Amazon.com as our main affiliate because we can stand by their services. We at The Shrubbery use their site all the time. We also feel they have the widest selection, best resources (shopping cart, reviews, etc.) and best consistent deals. Their shipping policy is better than CDnow.

Q: When I buy a CD, where does the money go?
A: If you use CDnow, through The Shrubbery, to buy CDs, the money goes into store credit that we use from time to time for special CD giveaways.
If you use Amazon.com, we get a percentage of your total purchase, in cash (quarterly) which we can use for advertising, special contest prizes, paying our staff and recouping the costs of running a Web site.

Q: What helps you the most?
A: Thank you for being so generous! Clicking on a direct link that accompanies a review and making a purchase will bring us 15% of your total purchase. You can also use the search box or the link to the Amazon homepage to make purchases which will yeild 5% for us. A simple click-through will not make any revenue.

Q: Why are you so money-hungry?
A: Running a Web site costs time and money. However, we really don't care if we make money at all. We try to be very selective in all of our advertising and only offer ads which, when clicked, offer a service to our readers. Having Amazon and CDnow links is really a way to build interactivity with a bonus of some revenue.

Q: Who exactly is doing the reviewing?
A: Anyone can review music for The Shrub. Our regular reviewers are Ed Parker and Jessica Brandt. Courtney Knopf was a regular reviewer up until early 2000 when she got a job as a DJ at an Internet radio station.
All reviewers review CDs that they buy themselves, that is why ratings are usually high. No one here is a "professional" but remember, all music reviews are merely opinion.
If you would like to review music for The Shrubbery, email us at theshrub@theshrubbery.com.

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