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The Shrub Top Ten Albums since April 1998
  1. Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire Oh! The Grandeur!
    100% by Jessica Brandt buy!
  2. Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson VH1 Storytellers
    99% by Jessica Brandt buy!
  3. Lauryn Hill The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
    98% by Larry Cabanero buy!
  4. Beck Midnite Vultures
    98% by Courtney Knopf buy!
  5. Kevin O'Donnell's Quality Six Heretic Blues
    98% by Jessica Brandt buy!
  6. Jas. Mathus and His Knockdown Society Songs for Rosetta
    97% by Jessica Brandt buy!
  7. Squirrel Nut Zippers Perrenial Favorites
    97% by Jessica Brandt buy!
  8. They Might Be Giants Severe Tire Damage
    96% by Jason Morrison buy!
  9. Beastie Boys Hello Nasty
    96% by Jessica Brandt buy!
  10. Beulah When Your Heartstrings Break
    96% by Courtney Knopf buy!

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More Music Reviews
AC/DC Stiff Upper Lip 85% by Thom Pugh
Afghan Whigs 1965 93% by Courtney Knopf
Antediluvian Rocking Horse Music for the Odd Occasion n/r by Todd McCafferty
Ass Ponys Some Stupid with a Gun 92% by Ed Parker
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 78% by Courtney Knopf
Barenaked Ladies Stunt 89% by Jessica Brandt
Barenaked Ladies Maroon 80% by Jessica Brandt
Belle and Sebastian Fold your Hands Child, You Walk like a Peasant 92% by Jessica Brandt
Belle & Sebastian This Is Just a Modern Rock Song n/r by Courtney Knopf
Ben Folds Five The Anauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner n/r by Ginger Nance
Bill Elliot Swing Orchestra Swingin' The Century 88% by Courtney Knopf
Bis Social Dancing 86% by Courtney Knopf
Bloodhound Gang Hooray For Boobies 72% by Ed Parker
Blur 13 86% by Courtney Knopf
Bran Van 3000 Glee 89% by Courtney Knopf
b-sides Two Beautiful Beaches and Instant Gratification 88% by Jessica Brandt
Bus Stop Bus Stop 82% by Jessica Brandt
Chappaquiddick Skyline S/T 95% by Courtney Knopf
Cibo Matto Stereo*Type A 94% by Courtney Knopf
Dolly Trauma The Present is Dim 89% by Robert Brandt
Dressy Bessy Pink Hearts Yellow Moons 86% by Courtney Knopf
Eve 6 Horrorscope 58% by Ed Parker
Fear of Pop Volume One n/r by Robert Brandt
Indigo Swing Red Light! 92% by Courtney Knopf
Kahimi Karie K.K.K.K.K. 78% by Courtney Knopf
Luscious Jackson Electric Honey 87% by Courtney Knopf
The Dave Matthews Band Before these Crowded Streets n/r by Jessica Brandt
Gutbucket Where's the Man With the Jive? 90% by Jessica Brandt
Harvey Danger Where Have all the Merrymakers Gone? 78% by Jessica Brandt
Jet Set Six Livin' it Up n/r by Courtney Knopf
HORDE Tour Review n/r by Jessica Brandt
Larry's 60-Second Reviews n/r by Jessica Brandt
Ben Lee Breathing Tornadoes 85% by Courtney Knopf
April March Chrominance Decoder 89% by Courtney Knopf
Mustard Plug Pray for Mojo 88% by Jessica Brandt
Ol' Dirty Bastard Nigga Please 90% by Kemi George
Beth Orton Central Reservation 95% by Courtney Knopf
Os Mutantes Everything is Possible! 89% by Courtney Knopf
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Walking Into Clarksdale n/r by Mark Egle
Pulp This is Hardcore n/r by Larry Cabanero
Radiohead Kid A 85% by Robert Brandt
The Rentals Seven More Minutes 82% by Courtney Knopf
Reverand Horton Heat Spend a Night in the Box 84% by Ed Parker
Elliot Smith XO 93% by Larry Cabanero
Smoking Popes Live 77% by Ed Parker
Snuzz Snuzz 87% by Jessica Brandt
Soul Coughing El Oso 80% by Ed Parker
Sounds From the House, 3 Short Album Reviews n/r by Todd McCafferty
Squirrel Nut Zippers Christmas Caravan 85% by Jessica Brandt
Sunny Day Real Estate The Rising Tide 80% by Ed Parker
Super Furry Animals Radiator n/r by Luke Wilson
Supreme Beings of Leisure S/T 95% by Thom Pugh
Various Artists V Classics Vol. 1 n/r by Todd McCafferty
Various Artists Pop Romantique 95% by Courtney Knopf
Ween White Pepper 82% by Ed Parker
Scott Weiland 12 Bar Blues n/r by Mark Egle
Katherine Whalen Katherine Whalen's Jazz Squad 92% by Jessica Brandt

Movie Reviews


= Rating (out of 5)

American Beauty by Jason Morrison
American History X by Jessica Brandt
Avengers '67: Box One by Gordon Dymowski
A Bug's Life by Jessica Brandt
Chicken Run by Jason Morrison
The Filth and the Fury by Gordon Dymowski
Mulan by Jason Morrison
Pi by Jason Morrison
Pleasantville by Jason Morrison
Rushmore (Oct. '98) by Unknown
Saving Private Ryan by Jason Morrison
X-Men by Jason Morrison

Arlington Road by Jessica Brandt
Billy Elliot by Jessica Brandt
The Blair Witch Project by Jason Morrison
The Phantom Menace by Justin Felix
The Prisoner DVD Sets I and II by Gordon Dymowski
Rushmore(March '99) by Jason Morrison
The Sixth Sense by Jason Morrison

8MM by Justin Felix
The 13th Warrior by Jason Morrison
Analyze This by Jason Morrison
Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me by Jessica Brandt
Cannibal: The Musical by Barb Carr
Dogma by Jason Morrison
Galaxy Quest by Jason Morrison
Green Mile by Justin Felix
Magnolia by Jason Morrison
The Matrix by Justin Felix by Jason Morrison
Meeting People is Easy (A Radiohead Documentary) by Jessica Brandt
The Perfect Storm by Jason Morrison
Road Trip by Jessica Brandt
Tarzan by Jason Morrison
Toy Story 2 by Justin Felix
The Truman Show by Larry Cabanero
X-Files by Jason Morrison

Dudley Do-Right by Jessica Brandt
Frequency by Jason Morrison
Shakespeare in Love by Jason Morrison
Shanghai Noon by Jessica Brandt
Sleepy Hollow by Justin Felix
Star Trek: Insurrection by Justin Felix
What Lies Beneath by Jason Morrison

American Psycho by Jason Morrison
Charlie's Angels by Justin Felix
Cider House Rules by Jason Morrison
The End of the Affair by Jason Morrison
Instinct by Jason Morrison
The Interview by Jason Morrison
John Carpenter's Vamipres by Justin Felix
Nightwatch by Larry Cabanero
The Opposite of Sex by Jessica Brandt
Patch Adams by Jessica Brandt
The Prince of Egypt by Jason Morrison
The Road to El Dorado by Jason Morrison
Soldier by Justin Felix
The World is Not Enough
Virus by Justin Felix
Your Friends and Neighbors by Jason Morrison

Angela's Ashes by Jason Morrison
Hurricane by Jason Morrison

28 Days by Jason Morrison
Bringing Out the Dead by Jason Morrison
Entrapment by Justin Felix
I Still Know What you Did Last Summer by Justin Felix
The Road to El Dorado by Jason Morrison
What Dreams May Come by Jason Morrison

The Cell by Jessica Brandt
Watchers Reborn by Justin Felix

Batman: Subzero by Gordon Dymowski
Caligula by Gordon Dymowski
The Clinton Testimony Video by Jason Morrison
Double Jeopardy by Jason Morrison
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Larry Cabanero
Mission to Mars by Jason Morrison
The Rage: Carrie 2 by Justin Felix
Reindeer Games by Jason Morrison
Wild Wild West by Jason Morrison

Book Reviews


The Beatles Anthology buy!
Buddy Babylon: The Autobiography of Buddy Cole buy!
The Onion's Our Dumb Century  buy!
Monty Python Speaks! buy!
Permanent Midnight buy!
Sesame Street: Unpaved buy!

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Alpha Centauri
Sim City 3000
The Sims

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Website Madness With FactBoy
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