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Humor, satire, and reviews from the ancient past of the Internet

The Shrubbery is a webzine that ran monthly 1998 through 2000. We were rich and famous, but then the dot-com crash happened and our IPO never materialized. I'm sure you remember us.

Here you can find our archives, including our interview with Ben Folds, interview with Liam Lynch of Sifl n Olly and United States of Whatever fame, and the infamous Nude School Girls.

Unintelligent Design Network, Inc.

Better than evolution, creationism, or zoroastrianism
Coming to a high school science class near you!

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Check out the movie review archives

We have a pretty large catalogue of reviewed films--just about all of them are on video now. So if you're looking for a rental suggestion, check these out.

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We have many music reviews

Our music review section is a veritable hit parade of hits!


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Holzqopf's Wooden Head

"How many babies does it take to equal a random adult life? A family member's life? Your life? (Note: 5 babies = 1 adult life)"

The Ministry of Culture

"Everyone, but everyone loves the Queen and all her fantastic children. We adore her sour little face and her idiot husband's amusing racist comments. Hoorah."

Angry Dan

"I am a heterosexual, omnivorous Anglo-American male."

Adventures in Maturity

"So from now on, it will be the "13th Warrior Cartoon Porn Show", featuring Antonio Banderas as a wacky animated warrior who goes around..."

Canadian Content

Website Madness with FactBoy

Horizontal Hold

Andy Bluff the Film Buff

The Robot From The Future

I Don't Shut Up!

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Debate: What is Funny?

Todd and Jessica debate the big issues of humor in the Lincoln-Douglass deathmatch



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