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June 1999
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The Shrubbery Staff's Favorite Films

Our staffers are ugly nerds, so they watch a lot of movies. Here's their lists of top attention-grabbers. To order any book from, simply click on the title.

This Month's Featured Film List:

Jessica Brandt, Managing Editor

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Monty Python's Meaning of Life (WOW THIS IS CHEAP!!)

Kids in the Hall Brain Candy

The Blues Brothers

Primal Fear

Ferris Beuler's Day Off


The Goonies


American History X

Gordon's Non-Porno Video Choices!

You know, whenever I get a hankerin' to sit on my dead ass, eat snack foods, and watch TV, well...I enjoy seeing a good video. These are all videos that I can highly recommend. (Yeah, I could do a "Top 10" - but why limit myself? These are for the video connoisseur in you, and cover a wide range of genres).

Animal Crackers

Duck Soup

A Night at the Opera

A Day at the Races

The Marx Brothers' finest movies, including two (Opera and Races) that were cool enough to inspire the titles of two of Queen's albums. If you don't laugh at these, you are a sad, sorry individual indeed.


Bill Murray's finest hour, sans Ghostbusters.

A Hard Day's Night - Special Edition

Help! - Special Edition

It's the Beatles - what else do you need?


Alfred Hitchcock's best movie...start here, and look up more of his work, you will not be disappointed.

The Third Man

I first saw this film in college, and it's the story about a man (Joseph Cotton) searching for a presumably dead friend in post WW2 Austria. It has Orson Welles in probably his best acting job, and don't miss his speech at the carousel. The chase at the end - in the sewers of Vienna - is a wonder to behold.

The Searchers

It's the greatest Western ever made without Clint Eastwood. John Ford directed, John Wayne stars...see it. You'll dig it.

Stuart Saves His Family

The only Saturday Night Live skit-inspired movie - besides The Blues Brothers that doesn't suck rubber donkey lungs. However, this isn't a kick-out-the-jams comedy; more a lightly dramatic film with comic moments. This film justifies Al Franken's existence.

The Zero Effect

This 1997 film stars Bill Pullman and Ben Stiller as a detective and his sidekick. I wish I could tell you more, but I would spoil the film, and I consider that a capital crime. Nonetheless, see this movie. You won't be disappointed.

Jason Morrison, Editor-in-Chief

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