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December 1999

(Your Taste in Music Sucks, Why Are You Looking At My Crotch?)

November 1999

(Interview with Tom Maxwell, Don't even ask me, I don't work here)

October 1999

(The Counter-Earth Issue, The Tao of the Supermarket, College!)

September 1999

(How to Charm the Pants Off Anyone, Horizontal Hold and Why I Probably Shouldn't Be Given Superman's Powers)

August 1999

(Why I now like rap and R&B, Monty Python, Blair Witch, and Drinking)

July 1999

(Diary of a War, Flag Burning, and The Game)

June 1999

(The Longest Interview with A Squirrel Nut Zipper There Ever Was, The Star Wars Issue)

May 1999

(Interview with Ben Folds, The Shrub Takes on Washington--From Both Sides)

April 1999

(Swallowed Whole: special report on new drugs, The Shrubbery Does Europe, Webcam)

March 1999

(The Shrubbery Goes to the Grammys, Interview with Jump, Little Children)

February 1999

(The Love Issue, Debate: What is Funny?, 21 Reasons Why Best Friends are Better Than Boyfriends/Girlfriends)

January 1999

(I'm a Gameshow Loser, Three inappropriate but fun ways to play Goldeneye, Year Retrospective)

December 1998

(Contest -- Win a date with a Shrub Columnist!, Free Holiday Gift Card, Santa Is Evil)

November 1998

(Interview: Liam Lynch of Sifl n' Olly, The Joys of Spamming, Obituary: John Glenn)

October 1998

(This is the Jesus Issue, Exclusive Squirrel Nut Zippers concert pictorial, Porn that will make you squirm)

September 1998

(A Tribute to Sherri Lewis, Suck All You Want, Spit All Over It, But Never Swallow)

August 1998

(Nude School Girls, Part I, The Shrubbery Interview with Chuck Folds of Bus Stop)

July 1998

(The Shrubbery tours Argentina, An Inside Look at the Steamy World of Tape Trading, Soft Porn: Late Night Looney Toons)

June 1998

(Bellini Speaks! - an interview with the former Kids In The Hall writer, A Short Quiz to Test Your Tolerance Level)

May 1998

(Our special tribute to Mother's Day, I am a Sick Perverted Bastard, Top Ten Sexual Innuendos in Star Wars)

April 1998

(Top 10 Reasons Why Pro Bowling Will Never be Respected, our first issue)

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