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Our Current staff

To be considered staff you have to contribute on a regular basis. If you'd like to join us, see below. We'd especially like someone to help with production and promotion.

Jason Morrison - Editor-in-Chief/Designer

Jason is a man of the world. Since re-starting The Shrub online in 1998, he has travelled to Argentina, Florida, Columbus and the future. None of these trips had anything to do with his position here.

  • Staff Since: April 1998
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  • Jessica Brandt - Managing Editor/Copy Editor/Designer

    Jessica got the idea for a humor magazine back in 1995 that revolved around her getting a lot of fame and glory as being editor-in-chief. The original Shrub never got off the ground, but once Jason took over in 1998 and did all the hard work, she experienced minimal fame and glory as managing editor. She has a gold record to prove it.

  • Staff Since: April 1998
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  • Todd McCafferty - Junior Philosipher/Writer

    Todd's a funny guy. He's also one of the few people who actually writes for The Shrub, I mean by actually typing words together into sentences and turning it in on time. For that, he gets major kudos.

  • Staff Since: April 1998
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  • Almost as smart as Todd

  • The Robot From The Future - Advice Columnist

    The Robot from The Future was the first staff member we didn't go out and recruit; he actually threatened us until we let him write! We're honestly afraid of him and his giant orgasmatron. But his unique blend of advice and apocalyptic visions of the future have made him a welcome addition.

  • Staff Since: April 1998
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  • The Robot's favorite page

  • Dan Strohl - Angry

    "Angry Dan" will contribute his monthly nugget of joy with a column and perhaps something else poingant. Dan's the first person outside the old Shrub group to join the staff. He is the first person on the staff to shave off his long hair.

  • Staff Since: April 1998
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  • Steven Sommerville - Minister of Culture

    Our dear Uncle Summy hails from England, or Britain, or whatever you're supposed to call it. Anyway, his presence automatically validates us as a humour troupe. As an added bonus, he happens to have a great sense of humour, a job and a wife.

  • Staff Since: June 1998
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  • Uncle Summy's homepage

  • Gordon Dymowski- Mature Guy

    Gordon moved from Chicago, Illinois to Eugene, Oregon and now is in St. Louis because he just can't settle down. He lives there doing stuff. He has a master's degree in psychology, and no real career plans to speak of. He writes for The Shrubbery because they asked him very nicely, and he has excessive amounts of free time. He may or may not be the oldest Shrub staffer, but he is the most prompt.

  • Staff Since: June 1998
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  • P. Kellach Waddle - Obsessed with Television

    So one day this guy from Texas, with long hair and an interesting name, who is a bassist/composer/conducter and freelances to soap opera magazines, writes to us and asks if he can write a column for us. That was the funniest thing we'd heard in years, and he's faithfully written for us ever since.

  • Staff Since: July 1999
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  • Andrew Smith - Film Buff

    "Andy Bluff" was another BBC "faffer" along with "Uncle Summy" who said he was "hilarious" and we should let him write about "the film industry" as if he knew what was "going on." Summy also says he looks like "Clark Kent."

  • Staff Since: February 2000
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  • Yee Ng - Graphic Artist

    Yee is very enthusiastic. She likes to call us "boss" and she asks for work! She writes to us in very cute broken English and likes to talk about anime with Jason. We also think she is a Canadian, which is terribly exciting in our little world!

  • Staff Since: February 2000
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  • Yee's Online Portfolio

  • Ed Parker - Music Reviewer

    Ed wrote a music review for us in 1998. He wrote a comedy piece and some poetry in 1999. In April of 2000, he decided he wanted to join the staff as a reviewer. His email comes from a guy named "Steve." We're not sure who he really is or what he wants from us, but we'll take his reviews nonetheless.

  • Staff Since: April 2000
  • See what Ed has written
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  • If you would like to join the staff:

    Then be ready to turn in at least one amusing, well-written essay, review or drawing each month. We're sick of these folks who say they will write for us and never do. No, we don't pay our staff just yet, but when the time comes, those who have put forth the effort will be rewarded.
    If you think you'd like to give us a hand either with writing, upkeep, promotions or something else we haven't thought of, email us at

    If you want to write occasionally:
    We also welcome people who want to just give writing or drawing a shot. We accept submissions of all kinds, except bad. What is bad? We'll tell you when you send it to us. Send all submissions to the address above.

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