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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is Unintelligent Design the same as Creationism?

No, but it is compatible with it. The God of the Bible, especially the old testament, readily admits he is jealous and his temper tantrums are similar to those of a child's. Also, there are numerous examples of God doing mean things and regretting it, or just plain changing his mind, not qualities we associate with supreme intelligence. Ex. 32:14. And the Lord repented of the evil which he had thought to do unto his people. (Gen. 6:6; Jonah 3:10; Sam. 2:30-31; II Kings 20:1-6; Num. 16:20-35) (http://www.dimensional.com/~randl/tcont.htm)

How do you answer people who say Unintelligent Design is a philosophy, not a scientific theory, and so it doesn't belong in high school science class?

We usually reply with colorful charts showing that a majority of voters believe in teaching alternative theories, and that although popular opinion isn't historically the best measure of science, it is the best measure of who gets reelected.

Why can't you prove your theory through normal scientific channels, like journals?

You see, scientific journals have a racist process called "peer review," whereby they weed out the vast majority of contributions to get down to the few that are rigorous, groundbreaking, and unique enough to be printed. This completely Jim Crows all Unintelligent Design literature out of journals because our stuff tends to be inappropriate.

Science is completely biased toward a "naturalistic" explanation of everything. We seek to teach origins science objectively, including what we like to call "unnaturalistic" explanations as well.

What exactly do you mean by design?

By design, we mean someone made it. Poorly. Lord knows why.

How can you detect design in biology?

I guess the best answer to this is, we all know it when we see it. For example, how could complex structures in cells evolve when intermediate steps leading up to them would seem to have no function?

Which structures are you referring to?

Uh, you know. Like parts of cells, that do things, but parts of the parts don't do anything. I can look it up if you want.

Isn't possible the intermediate structures could have had some function, and this area of biology just needs additional conventional study?

No, we're pretty sure about this one. There's lots of complicated chemistry and math, you wouldn't understand.

Yes I would, I have a Phd in Chemistry.

Technically that's not a question.

Come on, really, how can you tell something is designed?

Careful analysis. Take, for example, a Jackson Pollack painting. Paint all over the place, a big mess, my 3-year-old neighbor can do the same thing. Which proves God has the mentality of a 3-year-old.

Wasn't this a sketch on Kids In The Hall or something?

If you are referring to the "Jesus was a carpenter, just not a very good one" sketch starring Dave Foley, then no, our movement is not based on it. But we do appreciate Mr. Foley's support of our cause.

Isn't it a bit harsh to judge the Creator and call him an idiot?

Maybe it isn't God's fault all these animals suck so hard. Perhaps God has a 'Rainman' brother or 'Other Sister' whom he keeps busy with construction paper-and-paste projects such as the manatee or sea cucumber.

Aren't you worried about going to hell for insulting the Lord and his works?

Hey, read the Bible. Most people are already going to hell for crop rotation and 50-50 cotton/polyester T-shirts. Hey, did you know the word for hell came from the nasty garbage dump outside Jerusalem? If the Jews had been promised New York instead, we'd all be worried about going to New Jersey.

Is this all sarcastic?

Of course not. Really.

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