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Jason Morrison
Cleveland, Ohio
Science is biased
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Science is hard
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R. Howison
The South
Science is biased
I'm a scientist, science is biased. I make it biased. What?

Robert Igoe
Cleveland, Ohio
Science is biased
I like the approach you take to debunking modern creationism, in that it addresses the shortfalls that creationism of the intelligent design "instant" version has... such as the hip bones on a whale. Raising the question would a benevolent just god create such life forms as the sea cow and the sea cucumber... I don't know. I might suggest that they do play a role in creating a broad spectrum of life on the planet... In other words you would definately have one of these unexplainables (the duck billed platypus you referred to is actually an ancient species of mammal; existing mammals are decendents of monotremes(egg-laying mammmals), marsupials (suckling pouch mammals, such as koala bears or kangaroos)and placentals(live birth (hence placental) mammals), monotremes being considered the least advanced) in order to have a full set. I don't know about scientists saying that random evolutiuon is alone responsible for all creation in its profound and complex glory, but I do know that the creationists have a long way to go before convincing anyone that their god was able to do what they say without the aid of evolution. How about intelligent evolution? God made it through evolution, always trying to evolve and to form new species... needing diverse forms to feed and populate the earth, and stages to pass through to reach today... Of course that would raise new questions... about fairness for example, of one species over/against another. I don't know if I want to open that can of worms today, so let me just close with this brief statement: God is just, god is good, heaven help us, you're all just food...

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