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Book Reviews

I went to college and it was okay

This is a book by the cartoonist known only as "jim" who does a comic strip that is is many campus newspapers. He captures the true humdrum life of a college freshman who is shy, uninterested, and has an uneventful life. It may sound boring, but it made me laugh out loud when I read it, and I was often reminded of it while lying on my back in the middle of my dorm room wondering "Is this all there is?"

College survival (a crash course for students by students)

Survival books of any kind sound a little hokey, but this one actually helps! That's because it's a collection of tips from upperclassmen who have been through the ropes, from various colleges across the country. there's a good range of ideas in here, from ironing clothes, meeting people, juggling sports and classes, and what to do when you have no food. A big bonus is the detachable packing list that you should have at all times when getting ready to move to the dorms.

Giles Goat-Boy, Or, the Revised New Syllabus

It doesn't really have anything to do with college life, but I liked it. Giles was raised with goats on a farm, but grows up to enter the University and become some kind of messiah-figure for the entire Western Campus. A very nice satire of the Cold War, it kept me interested.

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